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I love a beautiful wedding invitation. I mean, come on ... this is what I do everyday! In fact, I still have my own wedding invitation from 19 years ago. They are a wonderful keepsake and great for reliving the memories of that time. As a wedding guest, I feel that I can tell when a lot of love and thought has gone into the production of a wedding invitation. And, I look at everything from the paper quality, method of printing, to the font selection. The more elegant the invitation, there is a greater chance I will hold onto the invitation. Don’t just take my word for it, I have polled 40 couples within the past ten months, here are the numbers:

What is your normal practice when receiving an invitation?

98% of the couples stated they put the Save the Date or Invitation on their refrigerator or cork board as a reminder.

2% of the couples stated they put it up and try to remember the date.

Now that you are engaged and going through the process has your focused changed?

68% stated that before being engaged they never thought about invitation quality. Couldn't tell you nice vs not so nice.

32% said YES! And stated they LOVE looking at the fonts, colors and designs.

I would like to think, designing just the right wedding invitation makes all of the hard work of wedding planning worth it. It is kind of the bow on a present – the venue, wedding date, dress, tux, etc. has all been well thought out and planned. Why should selecting the wedding invitations be any different? “Wedding invitations are the very first part of your wedding that your guests will experience. Think about them as the first impression. And you know what they say about first impressions; you don’t get a second chance.

Wedding Invitations really set the tone for the entire event …Wedding invitations make mail fun.” –A. Wampler, 2014 “Wedding invitations are an integral part of a wedding’s theme and the “mood” you want to set for your ceremony.” –E. Mundz, 2013 "The wedding invitation is the very first impression our guests will have about our wedding.” –Designer Communion Dresses, 2012

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