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Some people think sending Holiday Greetings are so last millennium! They just don't understand the many reasons why people still send Holiday Greeting Cards to family and friends. Below are some reasons why people still indulge in the festive snail mail tradition!

Spread the Holiday Spirit

There’s no better feeling during the holidays than making a trip to the mailbox and opening up a holiday card. From festive designs and holiday sayings to the actual photo, sending a holiday card simply puts people in the holiday mood. You can spread some of your own holiday cheer this year by sending a traditional snail mail greeting instead of a holiday text!

Reconnect with Family & Friends

If you have long-distance relatives or friends who have moved away, sending family Holiday Cards can help you reconnect. A holiday greeting in the mail is a warm reminder that although they’re far away, they’re far from forgotten.

Show your Gratitude

The holidays are a natural time for showing your appreciation. You can use your holiday cards to say thank you and extend your gratitude to loved ones. Whether someone has supported you all year long or if they’re simply important to you, sending a holiday card with a handwritten message is a moving gesture. (example: USPS, UPS, FEDex workers, Nail & Hair Techs)


Holiday cards also serve as a great form of networking. There’s nothing more friendly than sending a co-worker or colleague a holiday greeting. Sending a card during the holiday season always shows thought and intention; just make sure your card is appropriate and reflects your relationship with the recipient.

Market your Business

If you own a small business or have special clients at work, sending a business Holiday card is a smart way to keep you top of mind. You can show your appreciation for their business and remind them how grateful you are for their support.

Make Someone Smile 😊

Holiday cards are a reflection of your sentiment during the holiday season and often make family and friends feel better. You can make someone smile with a heartfelt message or a funny Christmas photo they can’t get anywhere else. Whichever direction you go in, don’t underestimate the timeless magic of making someone smile with a holiday card!

While there are plenty of ways to let someone know how you’re feeling during the holidays, you can never go wrong with sending a holiday card in the mail. The rush of joy that comes with opening a holiday card and reading a handwritten note remains an unmatched tradition during the holiday season. Remember that a holiday card doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact there are many affordable options. It’s all about the thought that counts, and whoever receives the card is sure to love it.

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