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5 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Guest List

Wedding guest list etiquette and practical advice to making your guest list for your upcoming wedding celebration, are golden! Creating the perfect wedding guest list takes time, and the process shouldn't be rushed. Since the guest list impacts so many other wedding elements, it's important that you take your time when creating the perfect wedding guest list.

Tip #1 - It all starts with your Budget!

Set a budget first and then decide how many invites are needed (one per household), and only invite the number of guests you intend to pay for. The guest count is one of the biggest indicators that will determine the overall budget. So, it is important to confirm your list before spreading the word to guests.

Tip #2 - Don't feel the pressure to invite everyone!

Remember this is your special day! With all wedding related decisions, especially the guest list, people will have feedback that they will feel compelled to share. Come up with your list and stay firm on who should get a plus-one to which coworkers or extended family members should attend. Also decide whether or not you should have a B-List.

Tip #3 - Making the B-List not feel like the B-List.

A B-List is a common part of wedding guest list creation, but it should be handled with care.

If you have a B-List, be sure to have rsvp/reply cards created for them especially. And those invitations should be mailed out within an eight to six weeks of the celebration to allow time for the B-List guests to reply and not feel like they are on the B-List.

Tip #4 - Gathering the Addresses

If you need assistance with gathering addresses from family and friends, there are some great apps out there that can help you make this process easier.

  • Postable - Free Online Address Book

  • The Knot - Complimentary when setting up a website

  • Zola - Free and Easy Guest List Builder

  • WeddingWire - Free Guest List Manager

  • Excel

  • Google Sheets

  • Numbers

Tip #5 - Brush up on the Proper Etiquette of Addressing Envelopes

This is a WHOLE Blog post by itself! There are a few simple guidelines to follow when addressing a wedding invitation. Decide if you are going to use the formal or casual method. If you select the formal option, the outer envelope should have the recipient's full name(s), including their personal title(s). This works for couples of all genders who may or may not share a surname. If you opt to go more casual, (especially if some don't identify as Mrs., Ms., Miss or Mr.), feel free to forgo them in favor of this more modern way to address wedding invitations: just using first and last names. Also note that Mx., a gender-neutral personal title, might be how a non-binary guest identifies. Keep this info in mind, but always double-check every attendee's preferred personal titles beforehand.

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