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Congratulations on your engagement! You will read a lot of things telling you what you need and don't need ... this blog post will give you the 411 on the basics surrounding Invitations and Stationery.

Save the Dates

Send your Save the Dates at the very least 6-12 months before the wedding date. This is important for out-of town guests to make their travel and accommodation arrangements. The same is for destination weddings, you need to let your guests know as soon as possible.

What to include: The announcements need to include the following information:

  • Couples names

  • The date and location of the wedding ceremony and reception. You do not need to provide the specific venue details yet, but the city or town should be included for out of town guests.

  • Inform your guests that the formal invitation with more details will follow: “Formal invitation to follow.”

  • The URL of the wedding website, if one was created. (Although this is normally sent out with the invitations, don’t stress about getting a site ready – at this stage it’s more important to just let your guests know the date.)

How to send: Etiquette suggests that couples mail printed save the date announcements. While modern day couples have gone the digital route, because it is quicker, easier and more affordable. Because guests do not have to reply at this stage, you can send them digitally without a big fuss from guests. But the best way to get guests excited about your BIG day ... is setting the tone in a traditional way!


Invitations are the number one piece of wedding stationery that is essential for your wedding day!

When to order: For custom created, traditional invitations, you should place your order at least 3 to 4 months prior to the wedding date. This gives you enough time to confirm the design, to proof read and print, and have time to have them sent to guests with enough time for them to reply.

When to send: Send the wedding invitations between 8 to 6 weeks before the wedding date, depending on whether save the date announcements were sent previously. If guests from abroad are invited, three months. (If you are going to manage a B-list, send your A-list invites out 2 or 3 weeks earlier.)

What to include on the invitation: There are several important bits of information that should be included as part of the wedding invitation suite.

  • Ceremony details: Date, time, and venue name (location) of wedding ceremony

  • Reception details: Date, time, and venue name (location) of wedding reception

  • Partner and children guest details: Include the amount of guests invited or the names of the invited guests and clarify whether children are allowed or include child-related information for eg. special childcare areas, services or meals that will be available during the event.

  • RSVP details: The reply date should be at least 4 weeks before the wedding date to provide some time to send out additional invites if regrets are received.

What to include on the details card or wedding website:

  • Directions to the wedding event: A map and directions from a central location is useful to guide guests to the wedding ceremony and/or reception venue(s). If possible, include written directions, in case mobile connection is spotty.

  • Accommodation details: Names and contact details of nearby accommodation options helps guests to arrange convenient accommodation plans. This is usually included on a details card, or on the wedding website.

  • Request invited guests to specify their dietary preferences or allergies, which is information that the wedding caterer can use to make sure that everyone can eat.

Day of Stationery

These details help to bring a cohesive look throughout the entire day. We know that you want your wedding to be perfect, and the small touches of Day of Stationery can achieve your wedding vision. Below are a list of items that might be useful to you.

Welcome Bags/Boxes

Welcome Signage

Ceremony Programs

Reception Menus

Place/Escort Cards (Chart)

Table Numbers

Favor Tags

Event Signage (Bar Menus/Signage, Favor Signage)

Personalized Napkins, Coasters, Cups, Can Coozies

Thank you notes

Wedding Thank you notes remind your friend and family just how much they mean to you and communicate your gratitude for their participation in your celebration. There are varying schools of thought on when wedding thank you cards should be completed, but in general, aim to send them out within 3 months after your wedding.

If you need additional information, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a (virtual or phone) call! It would be a pleasure to work with you! Visit our contact page to setup a consultation.

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