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The Basics Elements of Invitations

From a phone call inviting friends over for a night of binge watching Game of Thrones to a more formal invitation to a gala, all invitations should include the following:

WHO: For almost all invitations, use the host(s) first and last name(s): Cortney and Justin Fields. Formal printed invitations call for full names and social titles: Dr. and Mrs. Justin Fields.

WHAT: The nature of the occasion - cocktails, dinner party, birthday celebration, wedding.

WHEN: State the day and time you wish guests to arrive: 8 o'clock, Saturday, February 24 (Usually, adding the year isn't necessary but it is customary on wedding invitations. Formal invitations require spelling out the time and date.)

WHERE: The location of the event: your home, library meeting space, restaurant, park

WHY: Let guests know if there is a reason for the celebration and the name of any honoree - Lisa's 21st birthday. Justin's graduation, A Baby Shower for Sam and Alex.

HOW TO RESPOND: Do you want responses by phone, mail, or email and by when?

ANY SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Things a guest may need to know ahead of time, such as directions and a map to location, a notation about what to wear or requests such as what to bring or not bring. "It's a Surprise!" "No gifts, please" "Bring your own Lawn Chair" "Black Tie"

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