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Updated: May 11, 2020

I admire the talent of floral designers, they have such a unique gift of being able to bring a space/room to life with color, height, dimension, volume and symmetry, with the simple use of flowers! I have a very light mint green thumb ... more like super pale! So when given the opportunity to chat it up with Shirley Goodwin of JR Flowers, I jumped at the chance!

NF:  How did you get into the industry?

SG: I have always loved flowers and would make centerpieces for parties and showers. I didn’t think I could actually start a business. As my children grew older, I found that I had more free time, so I took a leap and JR Flowers was born, 3 years ago. The business is named for my sons, Justin and Ryan.

NF: Is JR Flowers full time for you?

SG: No, I still work part time as a pediatrician too, so I stay busy but I've learned the value of time management.

NF: WOW, you probably could teach a class on time management! Managing home/work balance is a trick that we all struggle with.

NF: What is JR Flowers known for?

SG: We are known for our design style, which is elegance with a flair. We love arrangements and bouquets that are bursting with high quality colorful flowers.

NF: Which is so true, I am often drawn to your arrangements because of the vibrant and vivid colors! Big or small your arrangements bring an energy to the space.

NF: What's trending in the floral industry?

SG: Installations are very big right now with weddings. Installations are flowers and greenery that are attached to ceilings, chandeliers, walls and other types of structures. They can really add a sense of drama and whimsy to a space. They can also add the “WOW” factor to an event, especially if they are installed at the ceremony site or in the entrance to the reception space. 

It is a lot of fun designing with wedding arches, pergolas and other structures. 

NF: When hiring a professional florist for an event, what should a client look for?

SG: Someone who listens to their vision and is knowledgeable about flowers and seasonal variation.

It isn't necessary but helpful if your florist has worked at their venue in the past. This allows them to see the designed work of the florist in that event space. Our floral studio is small so we only service one or possibly two events in a weekend. If a florist does multiple events per weekend, it would be good for the client to confirm that a dedicated team will be assigned to their event. This will ensure a smooth delivery and set up for their event. Finally, find a florist who is professional and returns calls and emails in a timely manner.

NF: Great advise!

NF: You offer more services than floral designing for weddings. Can you name additional services that you would like readers to know that you offer?

SG: We provide florals for corporate events, wedding rehearsals and showers. We currently don’t offer tree  trimming and holiday decor, but something we might explore in the future.

NF: How has social media changed the floral industry?

SG: Clients immediately go to your website or Instagram to “check you out”. If they aren’t excited by what they see, then they won’t bother to contact you. With the luxury of technology, we are able to send proposals and contracts online. So often times, I don’t even meet the couple face to face until the wedding day.

NF: This is very true, the industry in all categories are changing, requiring less and less face to face contact.  

NF: Final question, what would people be surprised to know about you? SG: That I learned to swim as an adult and my dream would be learning to surf!

NF: Oh WOW, that is very surprising ... I would have never guessed you wanted to surf! I wish you much luck with learning, it sounds like fun! Again, thank you so much Shirley for agreeing to be apart of my Industry Creative Blog.

If you would like to get more information about Shirley Goodwin, visit JR Flowers and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Courtesy to: Manali Photography, Roman Grinev Photography and JR Flowers Facebook photos.

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