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Updated: May 11, 2020

Congratulations, if you are recently engaged! Next up ... is dress shopping! Selecting your dress will create the style and feel of your wedding. I called the lovely Miriam Liggett, President and COO of Soliloquy Bridal Couture: A Barbara Kavchok Flagship. Soliloquy Bridal Couture is one of the finest bridal salons in the Greater Washington, DC area. Ms. Miriam was so kind to chat with me about "Busting the Myths of Wedding Dresses".

NF: If you could dispel any myths about wedding dresses which myths would you share?

(is color the most popular?) 

ML: I would dispel the myth that you will cry when you find your wedding gown.  That rarely happens but all brides know when they have found "the one."  Waiting for an emotional response is too much pressure.  Some brides have big, emotional moments and some brides don't.  It's best to just embrace the experiences and moments and when you find the dress, you will know!  Additionally, it does take time for designers to create a couture gown - at least 3- 6 months depending on the style and season.  The gown should be among the first decisions you make for your wedding.  More and more brides are cutting it too close, and we want to ensure that there are no stressful points in the purchasing experience. 

NF: How often do you have a bride that wants a dress that is non-traditional? 

ML: I think the 80/20 rule applies here.  80% of the brides say they want non-traditional but only about 20% actually end up choosing something that's fundamentally different from what they've seen their friends wear.  I really try to give brides the permission to venture out into styles that give people something to talk about.  Textures, luxurious fabrics and embellishments are crowd-pleasers!  Interesting elements  on a bridal gown draw guests closer to the bride so they want to get a better look at her choice.  We work with each bride to ensure that her choice of wedding gown is admired and  memorable. No one wants to be forgettable! 

NF: What are your favorite trends in bridal; Wedding Dresses, Mother of the Bride and Bridal Attendants?  ML: I love working with everyone in the bridal party and I particularly like styling each member so they have a coordinated look for the day. For brides, I  love ballgowns. What other time in your life will you wear one? This is your chance! But, ultimately, styles all hinge on preference and the vibe you are seeking.  Whenever I work with a Mother of the Bride, I want to ensure that she is wearing something that reflects the feeling and style of the bride and is a step or two above the bridesmaid look.  Color matters for the mothers in the bridal party.  Many mothers want to wear neutrals but colors give a happier feeling to the wedding photos.  

Over the past several years, bridesmaids have been given license to wear whatever they want in many cases.  I think that's fine, but it does put a lot of pressure on the bridesmaids. Frequently, bridesmaids tell me that they wish the bride had chosen a style for everyone.  I truly support the trend of choosing 3 or 4 styles in the same fabric or color and allowing the bridesmaid to choose the style she prefers for her body type.  I know brides want to select a dress that bridesmaids can wear again, but most never do. 

NF: What is Soliloquy? Where did the name of your business come from?

ML: Soliloquy means a dramatic statement of unspoken reflection.  When a bride chooses a gown, it truly does speak to her and communicates a feeling to everyone who sees her in it.  I believe a bride's innermost thoughts and feelings are reflected in her choice. So our mission is to ensure that we understand fully what a bride desires to express - her soliloquy! 

Ms. Miriam, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me. I am hopeful that someone will be a bit more educated before going dress shopping. If you would like to arrange a consultation with Soliloquy Bridal Couture, the contact information is featured below. Don't forget to follow them on social media; Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Miriam Liggett

754 Elden Street, Suite 103, Herndon, Virginia 20170

Soliloquy Bridal Couture is conveniently located in Historic Downtown Herndon | (571) 449 - 2580

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I love this perspective! I would ask if she has any suggestions for curvy/plus size brides looking for dresses? Most models and even mannequins are not geared to that group so it’s difficult to imagine what the dress will look like. Any help would be amazing!

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