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Updated: May 11, 2020

Over the years, couples have changed the idea of what a traditional wedding reception looks like. The couples use some aspects of the traditional and make it personal to them. We have seen everything from videos of the bridal party making a grand entrance doing special dance performances to the newly married couple having the father/daughter and mother/son dance(s). When attending a wedding reception, in addition to the introduction of the newly married couple having their first dance, guests often look forward to the cake cutting. Guests get to have a good long look at the cake itself, take pictures, and wait in anticipation for the couple to cut their cake. However, this tradition is changing with the times as well. Here are a few alternatives to the time honored cake cutting tradition:


Many couples will have their traditional wedding cake, but opt to not cut it during the wedding reception. Some couples choose not to have a two or three tier cake, choosing instead to have a one layer cake for display purposes only. This allows them to save that layer for another tradition – cutting that layer of their wedding cake on the first anniversary of their wedding.


No muss, no fuss, Cake Pops are a lollipop made of cake. They are a great alternative to a wedding cake because they can be made using different flavors, especially if the couple cannot settle on one flavor. Cake Pops can also be decorated to match your wedding colors. There is nothing to cut, and no plates or forks are needed because the Cake Pops are edible on a stick. Guests can select and enjoy any flavor/color they wish.


Think wedding cake meets Cake Pops. Cupcakes have the same concept as Cake Pops, minus the lollipop sticks, providing an individual treat for your wedding guests and just as delicious!


Another option is having a table full of the newlyweds favorite desserts or candies such as cookies, macaroons, donuts, crepes, chocolate pieces, etc. This will give your wedding guests a myriad of options to choose from.


Unconventional as it may be, as a couple, you can choose a location which holds a special meaning to one or both of you. At this location, you can plant a tree of your choosing to commemorate your wedding day. As the years pass, you can watch the tree flourish and grow just as your marriage.

Much like planning your wedding ceremony with your own personal style and taste, consider the same when planning your wedding reception and all it entails. From entering the reception with a special song and/or dance and to doing a special wedding party dance routine to celebrate this new journey; everything should point to you, the couple. Make it memorable. Make it your own!

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