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Updated: May 11, 2020

I had the opportunity to meet the lovely and dynamic Feyisola "Fey" Ogunfemi for the first time at an AWP (Association of Wedding Professionals) Event in the Winter of 2018. She was one of four panelists speaking on the topic of Multi-Cultural/Fusion Weddings. Her insight and wisdom on the topic was phenomenal. I began to follow her business on social media and became a huge fan of her breathtaking events and weddings. When our paths crossed again one year later, at an industry event, I was so excited to learn about her new venture of One-on-One Business Coaching and get to know her a bit more. So when Fey granted me this interview, I was over the moon ecstatic!

NF: You are more than an owner of Statuesque Events, a luxury wedding planning and design company, based in Washington, DC. You are a brand within yourself, tell me about, Feyisola; speaker, business coaching and classes. FO: Well thank you! I appreciate the kind words! I do absolutely love what I do, and planning gorgeous affairs but as you said I don't define myself just by that. I am also a coach, mentor, beach lover, church girl and overall problem solver. My background is in Computer Engineering, and engineers at the core are problem solvers, and I love problem solving at all levels - be it helping small business owners navigate making business decisions to get to the next level, helping a couple blend cultures and styles for their wedding, or helping plan initiatives at my church. 

NF: I can definitely relate, my background is in Electrical Engineering, and critical thinking and problem solving is a must. Which ultimately helps me in my day to day business life, more than people would suspect.

NF: What do you have on the horizon for 2019? FO: In 2019, my focus is on focusing more on One-on-One Coaching in addition to a few speaking engagements that I have lined up. When speaking and teaching to a group of people I get the chance to share knowledge about different topics, but one on one, I get to help people apply that knowledge to their personal lives and business with action plans and next steps. I have already begun coaching programs for 2019 and plan to continue to grow this in 2019.

NF: What has been your most memorable moment or event that has shaped your prospective as an Industry Creative? FO: The most memorable event actually happened way before I joined the industry. When I was a junior in college, I was selected to attend a weekend leadership program by Monster (job search website) which was sponsored by lots of companies. I will never forget the Target networking event on the second night. I literally left that event raving about how I wanted to work for Target corporate though I had no idea what job openings existed - I made that decision just purely on the branding of the event, and getting to interact with so many Target recruiters who had awesome personalities. It reminded me how a single event, when well done, can really make a huge impact, and I still think about that today and try to invoke the same feelings when planning social and corporate events.

NF: What an amazing story, I have been following you on social media for a year and I have seen all the amazing events that you have developed and executed, and from the outside looking in ... you have been successful with invoking that memorable feeling.

NF: As a wedding creative, the pressure is always on, what are some things that you do to relax, relate and release? 

FO: This is an awesome question! I have learned that to do a good job, I do have to arrive cool and collected on the wedding day, because my emotions are contagious and can affect everyone else. Because of this, I usually get a good night sleep the night before and try to do something simple for myself - be it applying a face mask, a body scrub - just something easy and quick but just for me. On my off wedding weekends - I generally go to the beach, hiking or some other outdoor activity, because I love nature. Every time I am out there, I feel refueled, and it reminds me that I in fact do not need to be working every weekend. By soaking in my time off, I can give more during my weddings and meetings!

NF: WOW! I need to take a page from your book and do something for myself - just something easy, a hand massage, because I use my hand a lot. You are absolutely right, it truly makes a difference in your work when you are rejuvenated. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and sharing a little of yourself with me and my followers.

If you would like to get in contact with Fey for One-on-One Business Coaching visit Feyisola and Event/Wedding Planning visit Statuesque Events.

Photo Courtesy of: Mary Bosotu and instagram - Feyisola and StatuesqueEvents

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